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We place people and their individual and collective performance at the heart of our corporate policy. This performance is based on qualitative criteria, namely

  • the quality of realization in the respect of the rules of the art
  • the maintenance of materials and their cleanliness
  • the respect of the security instructions for each profession

NEOVIA group pays particular attention to the means made available to its production teams and to the policy of renewal and maintenance of our equipment[/neovia_paragraphe]. Our men have a training on our trades acquired over their many years of experience allowing to develop their technical skills.

New and / or recent equipment, specifically adapted to each profession, well maintained, is a guarantee of performance and safety of the teams in action. Our main asset is our ability to pass on our knowledge and know-how in order to guarantee [optimum quality for the benefit of our customers.

Ongoing changes in regulatory standards and products contribute to the improvement and optimization of our processes through design and innovation for sustainable growth.

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