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Neovia – supporting children

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To carry out this human project and achieve their goals, Neovia is working alongside Chaya France and ONYVA and is helping to build a new future for these young girls in India. A three-year action plan has been established for the implementation of technical (protection, health and safety) and socio-educational means (school learning, cultural and sports activities, empowerment, eco-citizenship).
The Tara Home institute will be inaugurated on 26 October 2015. As a symbol of hope for all of these young girls, they will be able to spread their wings in a better world.


Tara Home for Girls is a project resulting from a strong partnership between the French association Chaya France and the Indian NGO ONYVA. The two organisations have been managing children’s homes together for five years while investing in a programme for disadvantaged young people in India:

  • Tara Home For Boys
  • Tara Home for Tots
  • Tara Big Birds

This method of protecting young people is an innovative concept in India, the objective of which is to promote a model of excellence within a vulnerable environment.

Tara Home for Girls can accommodate 20 young girls in distress (no family, victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse, etc.). The residence, under the Child Welfare Committee’s authority, will house the young girls until they reach the age of majority, when they can then follow the programme aimed at young adults.

Located in South Delhi, close to the other institutions, Tara Home For Girl offers these young girls access to good schools, equipped sports complexes and the Alliance Française. They can therefore benefit from the help of volunteers and visitors from all over the world.


  • To protect

To accommodate young girls who are in danger – either at home or in their community – in a house on a human scale with a safe, family-like atmosphere. A balanced lifestyle and access to care are guaranteed.

  • To provide education and encourage independence.

To provide young girls with access to quality schooling at the best Delhi-based schools and to provide the necessary support for the whole school curriculum, to develop sporting and cultural activities and arrange one-to-one education support, to develop their confidence and skills and take part in home-life.

  • To develop eco-citizenship

To reduce the home’s environmental footprint (recycling, energy, transport) and training young girls as well as the team on environmental issues, by means of activities to raise awareness and daily actions that respect the environment.

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