“Concrete Pavement” Applicator Position



  • EB Permit preferable
  • Authorised airport access obligatory
  • Mechanical knowledge desired
  • Staff on long-distance assignment from Monday to Friday
  • Some work performed at night
  • Skills required for this position: time management, independence, reliability and enthusiasm
  • Good team-working skills


  • Competitive salary                       (fixed and variable)
  • Long-distance travel and meal allowances
  • Employee benefits


  • Carrying out maintenance and reinforcement work on concrete pavements throughout the country following best practices and safety instructions:
    • Shallow/deep cutting of flat and fresh concrete
    • Removal of existing expansion joints
    • Coring of all diameters on flat or coated concrete
    • Gouging


  • Locating areas to be cut
  • Preparing and adjusting the floor saw (adjusting the diameter of the diamond blades according to the depth of concrete to be cut)
  • Filling water tanks
  • Checking oil and fuel levels
  • Use of a hydraulic core drill (drill diameter: 400 mm)
  • Supply of water and diesel to machinery
  • Adjust the corer according to the required diameter
  • Systematic cleaning at the end of the project
  • Carry out daily maintenance of the production unit (machine and vehicle levels, servicing, etc.)
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