Operator position



  • C Permit required (EC preferable)
  • Staff on long-distance assignment from Monday to Friday
  • Some work performed at night
  • Skills required for this position: time management, independence, reliability and enthusiasm
  • Good team-working skills
  • Mechanical knowledge preferable


  • Competitive salary
  • Long-distance travel and meal allowances
  • Employee benefits


  • Ultra-high pressure (UHP) machine transfer throughout France
  • Assembling and dismantling the production tool at various sites
  • Conducting and executing the hydro-stripping works requested under the Team Leader’s control


  • Moving the UHP machine from one site to another depending on regulations in force
  • Ensuring the supply of water and diesel to the UHP machine
  • Implementing temporary site signage
  • Assembling the production tool in line with the assembly procedure
  • Executing hydro-stripping operations using the machine’s controls by adapting to the various road supports and work requested.
  • Disposing of waste once work has been carried out in specific containers made available on-site, respecting the environment
  • Carrying out daily maintenance of the machine (changing hoses, nozzles, filters, levels, etc.)

Respect the various safety recommendations

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