Gol de Letra

Neovia – supporting children

Neovia – supporting children

Gol de Letra

Since its creation in 2006, Neovia has been demonstrating its commitment to sociocultural actions and providing support to disadvantaged young people. Through the Gol de Letra foundation, Neovia has been involved with this global education project for a number of years, meaning that all young people from vulnerable social communities in Brazil can be offered future and life prospects.

The Foundation

Gol de Letra was created in Sao Paulo on 10 December 1998 – coinciding with the International Human Rights Day – by two ex-footballers, Raï and Léonardo. The foundation covers two communities close to Rio de Janeiro (La Châtaigne, Noix de cajou) and Sao Paulo (Vila Albertina). It is committed to the cultural and educational development of young people and builds comprehensive educational programmes that combine teaching practices and social support.


  • To contribute to the social and educational training of children and young people in vulnerable communities with the aim of transforming their daily lives and guaranteeing them the right to education, sport, culture and social protection.
  • To provide new future perspectives by developing personal and social skills through education.
  • To promote the socio-cultural and sporting activities that contribute to the projects and the development of the foundation.


  • Dignity
  • Fraternity
  • Perseverance
  • Solidarity


Pedagogical activities focus on education and social protection for children between 7 and 14 years of age. Activities related to speaking, writing, the body, art and culture are on offer. The social and educational learning of sport and leisure, the development and stimulation of exercise (futsal, volleyball, basketball, handball) and the promotion of sports culture can all contribute to the development of physical skills that are essential to human development.

Finally, a lack of training is the largest obstacle faced by young people trying to break into the labour market. The aim is to enable young adults (17-30 years old) to develop their personal and professional skills.

The project offers technical training in administrative procedures, basic training on subjects essential for better social integration, including: English, mathematics, computer science, citizenship, culture.

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