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Neovia – supporting children

Support for Children of the World

The Association "Support to the Children of the World" was created in 1999. Its objective is to organize, coordinate and implement humanitarian development missions for the benefit of Third World children with the collaboration of volunteers.

In a solidarity-based approach to the sharing and development of Third World countries, in 2016/2017, NEOVIA is contributing its contribution to the development of these humanitarian programs for the benefit of the population, especially children, in the context of their education sociocultural.

The Programs

  • Rehabilitation of schools
  • Electrical rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of buildings (Roofing, various masonry works, plumbing)
  • Socio-educational workshops
  • Visual arts
  • Learning French
  • Sporting activities
  • Reforestation programs Madagascar is facing massive deforestation. The main cause is the cost of energies. Thus, it is necessary to note the massive charcoal use. The actions are carried out in conjunction with local farmers to:
  • Plant preparation
  • Field preparation
  • The plantation


The mission takes place in the heart of the Kompong Speu Province “Port des Caramboles” in Khmer, renowned for the quality of its sugar palm trees. It covers an area of 7,000 m², bordered on the west by the Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kirirom Nature Park.

Distribution of population

The province has 784,800 people in 8 districts:

  • Baseth
  • Odong
  • Chbar Mon
  • Phnom Sruoch
  • Kong Pisey
  • Samraong Tong
  • Aural
  • Thpong


  • Carpenter’s workshop
  • Primary school
  • Ealth Center
  • Orphanage


The project is based on a two-year commitment (2016/2018) and an annual mission of 1 ½ months to implement the programs of activities.

  • Electrification of schools
  • Health Center Power System Rehabilitation
  • Socio-educational and cultural activities with children


  • Kompong Speu Region, local authorities, local artisans
  • The Association Supporting the Children of the World, French communities, voluntary private companies

Les missions

Since its creation, each year, a project has been built in collaboration with the State, local authorities, voluntary companies and allows the development of targeted solidarity actions.

  • Fundraising
  • Participation in transfer costs, local transportation, meals

In 2016, NEOVIA supports and becomes a patron of two missions in Madagascar and Cambodia.


The mission takes place in the heart of Tsiroanomandidy, a commune of 45,000 inhabitants located 210 km west of Tana in the Bongolava region.

Ethnic composition of the population

  • The Merinas are located along the Firavahana-Fenoarivobe axis
  • The Betsileo concentrate on the Versant Ouest
  • The Bara, Antandroy and Mahafaly roam the vast unoccupied areas in search of pastures
  • Sakalava, Tsimihety and Betsimisaraka are few in number and represent 3% of the population

Educational Infrastructure

  • 8 primary schools
  • 1 C.E.G
  • 1 high school

There are a total of 8,255 children.


The project is based on a 7-year commitment (2012/2018) and a 3-month annual mission to implement the programs of activities.

  • Renovation of EPP buildings Ankadinakanga
  • Electrification of public schools
  • Rehabilitation of sanitary water
  • Various masonry work and roof repairs
  • Reforestation program
  • Socio-educational activities with children


  • Region of Bongolava, the municipality, the technical services of the Malagasy State, local craftsmen
  • The Association Supporting Children of the World, French communities, voluntary private companies


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