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Neovia – supporting children

Autism Hope to School

Always invested in these solidarity projects for children, NEOVIA supports the Association AEVE (Autism Espoir Vers l'Ecole) for the third consecutive year and is thus participating in the development of the pedagogical program to help these children affected by the disease. Autism to integrate into a socio-cultural life.  

Autism Espoir Vers l'Ecole is an association (law 1901), of general interest not-for-profit, entirely composed of volunteers, whose aim is to bring, through an intensive educational pedagogy, children diagnosed with autism to a social and School as normal as possible.

The Objectives

  • Enabling children with autism to access social and educational life through intensive educational pedagogy
  • Support and convince parents that autism is not inevitable: The autistic child can become present in the world and get out of confinement, be enrolled in normal conditions and become autonomous
  • Give an extra key to the development of autism by observing the behaviors of children affected and the results of neurodevelopmental research.

The Actions

  • Assist in the establishment of an action program (3I home method, build a team of volunteers)
  • Benefit and assign to each family a psychologist or professional trained in the 3I method
  • Monthly review with teams and stakeholders for each child
  • Construction and layout of each child’s schedule• Adapted to the rhythm of each and to the phase of the method knowing
  • Daily Room Sessions
  • Paramedical sessions (speech therapy, psychomotricity)
  • Collective, socio-cultural and sports activities
    School immersion by stage (at school or at home depending on the age of the child)
  • Assessment of each child (ADI, CARS at the beginning and at the end of the program) and monthly follow-up of the child’s development.
  • Organization of events (information forums, Internet exchange platform, sporting event) and distribution of an annual newspaper “le Petit Écho”
  • Communication with the media, The Tour de France de l’Espoir




The Method

The Association “Autisme Espoir Vers l’Ecole” proposes to frame, advise, guide, persevere parents throughout the developmental stages by which each child must pass.

The 3 I method is an intensive educational pedagogy based on the game:

Individual, Interactive, Intensive

Play is central and essential for the development and awakening of every child. The objective of the 3I method is to get the child out of his bubble through communication, to create interaction through interactive play and benevolent affection, from sunrise to sunset, without constraint, following his rhythm: The autistic child, alone, is lost and anxious to find himself alone in front of himself, which intensifies his withdrawal and prevents him from opening himself to the world of the other.

  • Program development over 2 to 3 years
  • Stimulation through awakening through all phases of development (from 0 to 3 years)
  • Adaptation according to the rhythm of awakening of each child

The results

Since the creation of the association, Among 194 children who have benefited from 3 years of “intensive” method:

  • 67 children returned to school,
  • 41 children are home-schooled,
  • or 55.67% of children using the “3I” method

A message of hope to defeat autism and allow children with development to develop within the community, in the world of the other.



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