The asphalt mix is ​​growing in our regions!

The municipality of Malemort-Sur-Corrèze invests in this innovative process to repair and maintain the condition of its roads. In the presence of the Deputy of the Corrèze, Frédérique MEUNIER, the Mayor Jean-Paul AVRIL and elected representatives, the team NEOVIA intervened in test for 2 days for the treatment of the most often degraded areas.

Source “La Montagne” 15th, November 2018

City of Nîmes : New test method for pavement repair

The town of Nimes has some 750 km of roads, including many roads Garrigue. The city is testing a new system to repair and maintain the roads.

Sprayed asphalt to biutmen emulsion in test

Yonne: An innovative technique for the security of the departmental network

The Department Council extends its technical choice as part of its pavement maintenance policy. After producing test boards, the hydroregeneration has been approved and recognized for its effectiveness in the bleeding treatment of the layers allowing to make a better friction of the pavements and thus to guarantee safety and durability of the support. Throughout the year, the road service agents ensure the maintenance of the quality of the network at the service of users.

Au fil de l’Yonne – Nov.2017

NEOVIA Technologies : New growth towards Europe

As part of its R & D program, NEOVIA brings its recognized expertise and develops its project dedicated to export. (more…)

Interoute & Ville collects testimonials from partners

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Interoute & Ville is an unmissable event in the road industry sector, and helps to develop and promote Europe’s road assets. All stakeholders from the infrastructure community came together to address a common challenge: sustainable mobility.

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Feedback: At the heart of a business project

During a speech by NEOVIA Group founder Eric Gonot at an induction seminar, students on a technical course on SME management at vocational school Carcado-Saisseval in Paris’s 6th arrondissement had the opportunity to discover the history of a business project built around the moral values that are essential to a company’s foundations.

Discovering a business project…

Brassac-Les-Mines, an interactive town

In collaboration with the municipality of Sainte-Florine (Puy de Dôme), Neovia has carried out crack sealing work on behalf of the department of Haute-Loire.

Information newsletter on the municipality’s website

Eric Gonot, founder of the NEOVIA Group, discusses the importance of preserving our road assets

Magazine ENTREPRENDRE n°292 été 2015

Since 2008, France – long considered a model in terms of road network construction skills and strategies – has gradually distanced itself from the sector. The result is a fall of over 30% in the financial resources allocated to the industry, which could harm its growth.

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Mastering functional road surface friction measurements – an essential safety step

The inherent challenges in measuring friction levels on aeronautical surfaces are significant. As such, to assist aerodrome operators with their decision-making regarding the scheduling of maintenance work in order to comply with targets set out by regulations, quality monitoring indicators are required. This must involve full mastery of grip measurement processes and equipment certification procedures.

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Infrastructure: Neovia Technologies leads the way

Located on the Les Malines business park in Lisses, the Neovia Group is the French specialist in regular road maintenance.

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Lumiroute project: Combining road surfacing and street lamps for optimum lighting

This process uses hydroblasting of road surfaces to remove surface asphalt, revealing the colour of the aggregate.

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Focus on… water jetting – a mild technique for sustainable regeneration

Water jetting involves stripping 2-3 mm of the road surface – its top coating.

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Neovia Technologies establishes its presence in road maintenance

With almost 1,000,000 m2 of asphalt surfaces renovated, Neovia Technologies, a division of Neovia TP, is positioning itself as a pioneer and a leading player in the use of hydroblasting in road maintenance.

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Neovia Group correction

In RGRA issue no. 909 of February 2013, pages 24-25, it was announced that Via-Pontis had been acquired by Eiffage Travaux Publics. However, the following clarifications must be made.

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A firm focus on road maintenance

Neovia au Journal de 20h sur TF1

Founded in 2006, with its outlook firmly focused on road maintenance work, Neovia strengthens its position with the acquisition of Via-Pontis’s Ultra-High Pressure business.

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Neovia in pictures

Var Department Council – Technical Awareness Day


TF1 – Grand reportage / march 2015

Entretien des voies aéroportuaires

7A Limoges / August 2013

Pontage de fissures

TF1 – Journal télévisé / juin 2010

Entretien des voies aéroportuaires
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