The C-JOINT process gets a new lease on life!

ServiceMaintenance / Buried asphaltic plug joint

As part of the CEREMA technical opinions “Road Bridge Road Joints”, the commission in charge of obtaining and monitoring these technical opinions has required all manufacturers of Joints with Improved Coating “JRA” to carry out during the year 2021, standard tests of breathability and tightness in order to assess the intrinsic performance of each of the seals offered on the market.

Indeed, since the implementation of the first seals of this type in the 1990s, no normative test had been carried out, which had led CEREMA to define, empirically, an identical blowing capacity for all the actors “stuck” at 20 min of breath (+ or – 10 mm).

To meet this technical challenge, the company NEOVIA, with its capacity for innovation, has chosen to design its own test bench in compliance with the technical obligations imposed by the standard in coordination with an Essonnian SME specialized in mechanics. precision

This very high precision machine tool enabled us to carry out these tests in compliance with the XP P98-092-2 standard with success. The sensors and probes directly connected to a measurement data acquisition unit enabled us to define the optimal expansion capacities of our process and its sealing under the strict control of the CEREMA teams.

Thus, during these tests, the observations relating to the behavior of the seal traced in the CEREMA report, validated a blast capacity of 30 mm (+ or – 15 mm) on the one hand. On the other hand, the specimen used for the breathability test was subjected to a tightness test in stride which made it possible to observe the absence of leaks and no trace of humidity.

These normative results therefore allow us to provide real added value for all civil engineering structure managers in recommending alternative technical solutions to mechanical seals by significantly reducing operating costs related to equipment maintenance. of works of art.

NEOVIA thus reinforces the technical value of its technical process, the C-JOINT and in fact enhances its competence in this type of business.


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