Maintenance des Routes de France, a union to design road maintenance differently!

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Several companies specializing in road maintenance have decided to create a dedicated professional union called Maintenance des Routes de France (MRF). Goals ?
  • Establish and validate technical and financial solutions that meet the real needs and real constraints of road infrastructure managers;

  • Communicate, train stakeholders from each link in the chain;
  • Continuously improve methods and processes, foster innovation.
To carry out this ambitious action plan, the MRF union is organized into 5 colleges of specialties: Works for maintenance of wearing courses; Manufacturers of equipment intended for these works; Manufacturers of materials used in these works; Road engineering and implementation control offices. The 5th college is dedicated to road infrastructure managers, which is completely innovative and which demonstrates on the part of this union its willingness to “stick” to the problems of these same managers.
In this context, the major challenge is to allow all public decision-makers and other private managers to have a more critical approach to maintenance techniques and thus better understand their benefits but also to know the specific constraints linked to each of these techniques.
For this, MRF works in partnership with the training organization Idéal’Co and organizes training courses provided in the form of a dedicated Webconference on targeted themes oriented towards road management issues.
On June 24, a training session was carried out on the treatment of sweating by hydroregeneration. As a member of MRF, we offer you the support of this training which addresses all the technical and environmental aspects related to this solution.

IdealCO-MRF Le traitement des ressuages par hydrorégénération 24062020


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