VIALYTICS & NEOVIA, 2 lauréats de l’innovation !

In a dynamic of progress that combines environmental responsibility, performance and sustainability, GPSO, VIALYTICS & NEOVIA pool their skills in order to provide an effective response in the responsible and sustainable management of our road assets. Winners of the “Routes & Rues” 2020/2021 call for innovation projects from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, this partnership will be supported for 3 years by CEREMA as part of the experimentation and classification of these advanced technologies. based on their performance leve       

Grand Paris Seine Ouest (GPSO) has a Department of Geographic Information and Territorial Innovation (DIGIT) within the Innovation and Sustainable Development Division. This branch works on the provision of data, GIS tools (Geographic Information Systems) and on the experimentation of innovative digital solutions in the perspective of the “Intelligent Territory” project.

Thanks to automated auscultation of roads, an “Intelligent” analysis of degradation data associated with the expertise and know-how of a professional, VIALYTICS & NEOVIA provide the guarantee of reliable and controlled management of pavement maintenance. .

  • Mapping of all degraded areas “Intelligent”
  • diagnosis of the state of the roads Associated technical
  • recommendations via the VIALYTICS digital tool
  • Prioritization of maintenance actions according to the level of urgency

In this context, the NEOVIA group, a recognized specialist in the maintenance of roads and airports, is developing through its subsidiary, NEOVIA Solutions, the thermo-regeneration technique using the NU-PHALT system, which makes it possible to solve specific problems by re- using 100% of materials resulting from degradation on asphalt.

Fast, efficient and carbon-free, this technique is part of a circular economy approach and makes it possible to provide effective and sustainable preventive and curative maintenance of pavements while respecting the challenges of ecological transition.

An efficient collaboration to guarantee the sustainability and preservation of our heritage with innovative and eco-responsible technological solutions.

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