Founded in 2006, NEOVIA is at the origin of the group’s history. Aware at that time that the French road network was less and less well maintained and that, at the same time, asset managers were facing severe budgetary constraints, NEOVIA chose to build an innovative technical and financial response in the maintenance and protection of roadways and airport’s lane.
More than 85% of our freight traffic is travelling on our roads. The economic and financial stakes linked to the preservation of this heritage are essential to guarantee the maintenance of our infrastructures and thus enable us to remain competitive.
The objective of this answer: to propose a set of efficient and economical techniques that ensure the sealing of supports in order to stop the degradation phenomenon.

Areas of use

  • Restore the sealing of hydrocarbon wearing courses
  • Reinforce concrete pavements
  • Delay the phenomenon of cracking and deterioration of the support
  • Extend the life of the pavement

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Entretien et rénovation des voies routières et aéroportuaires

NM key figures

Investissements depuis sa création : 10 M€

Effectif : 80 personnes

Productive investments made over inception: 10 M€

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