Paris Orly Airports – Signaling market: A new perspective over 8 years!


After winning the horizontal and vertical signaling market for the first time in 2018, Aéroports de Paris has renewed its confidence in EUROSIGN, a subsidiary of the NEOVIA group, by awarding it this market again on the Orly platform for a period of 8 years.

In order to fully meet the challenges set, EUROSIGN has chosen to join a co-contractor, the company SIGNATURE, which takes responsibility for the proper execution of the vertical signage work.

Alongside technical challenges, Aéroports de Paris requires a strong commitment from partner companies in favor of the energy transition. EUROSIGN and SIGNATURE, by pooling their resources, respond efficiently to environmental challenges:

  • Reduction of CO² emissions
  • Circular economy (waste treatment/recycling)
  • Social responsibility (responsible supply chain, preservation of resources and biodiversity)

Our expertise, our know-how and our shared technical resources are therefore a real strength in supporting this new market.

A big congratulations to all the operating teams as well as our field workers for their efforts and let’s continue to work together for the security of a sustainable infrastructure!

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