The NEOVIA Group, major and recognized player for 15 years, organize its strategy among three principal assets:

  • The skills/expertise of its team which is a guarantee of performance. It ensures an optimal quality of work.
  • Its ability to invest to ensure the orchestration and completion of all its projects
  • Its expertise in order to support customers and allow them to build a maintenance policy in harmony with their issues.

The NEOVIA Group wants to establish real exchanges, a partnership to grow the company, and, above all, to provide a range of technical solutions to the departments concerned.

In order to achieve its goals and to maintain a quality of production, NEOVIA realizes several quality reviews among its means and tools of production.


Internal control

  • Compliance with the quality & safety requirements of the client by all stakeholders
  • Ensuring the monitoring of its work site through the “worksite follow-up” sheet

External control

  • Organization of the intervention (assignment of human and material resources, supply of materials)
  • Work planning
  • Control of the respect of the security requirements established by the public or private contracting authority
  • Conducting meetings about worksite security
  • Carrying out safety audits (target of 4 per team and per year)

Quality monitoring and control

  • Keeping of the site monitoring sheet by the team leader
  • Implementation of hold points defined before the construction phase

Management of non-conformities

  • Communication of dysfunctions to the public or private contracting authority
  • Establishment and joint validation of the non-compliance sheet
  • Implementation of corrective actions
  • Final inspection

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