Health & Security

Safety requires awareness and a state of mind for everyone for their own safety and the security of their employees!

Safety is at the heart of our company policy. Preventive measures are established to allow us to carry out works in optimal safety conditions.
As such, a specific training is provided to operating personnel on the use of equipment and the safety instructions to be applied during the construction phase.
In order to ensure compliance with safety regulations, the company has seconded an internal resource dedicated 100% to the safety and quality issues on its worksites.
The safety & quality manager is responsible for implementing and ensuring compliance with safety procedures, carrying out site meetings dedicated to safety, and conducting external safety checks on each site.

  • Each member of our team has its own personal protective equipment that complies with the protection standards in force in our work.
  • Qualified personal for the use of specific device
  • Staff trained in airport security and holding fire permit
  • Empowered and trained personal to prevent risks of asbestos
  • Staff holding the Certificate of Competence Related to Intervention in the Vicinity of Networks (AIPR in France)
  • Staff trained in gestures and postures (APAVE)
  • Periodic renewal of the first-aid at work training
  • Safety audits realized every trimester among our teams
  • Production equipment with equipment for signaling the work area in accordance with current standards
  • Inventory realized at every beginning and end of work to avoid forgetting products or material that might be dangerous after our intervention

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