Respect and protection of the environment are part of the DNA of the NEOVIA Group !

The reduction of the environmental impact related to road assets is one of our main priorities since the NEOVIA Group was founded.
Our process is based on two axes:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of our activities, through technological choices of implementation that are more and more efficient in terms of environment. Good practices are set up to reduce waste pollution at the source and to treat those wastes in regard of the regulation.
  • The development of maintenance techniques for the road surface (crack bridging, hydro-regeneration, cold mix asphalt, sprayed asphalt, thermos pavement repair…) in order to extend its lifespan and to preserve the natural resources required to its renewal.

Our actions in favor of sustainable development

The design of our equipment by our maintenance workshop, the execution of the work by our experienced team as well as the choice of techniques used and improved, are skills that allow us to reduce the impact of our activities on the planet.

Our subsidiary NEOVIA TECHNOLOGIES has started in 2019 a process to implement an ISO 14001 environmental management system in order to obtain certification for its pavement hydro-regeneration activity.

The aim of the NEOVIA group is to extend this approval for all the subsidiaries, each of them in its own speciality.

  • Neovia vehicles are recent and comply with current EUROCODE 4/5/6. Fuel consumption is reduced and the gas emissions minimized.
  • Our heavy vehicles are equipped with particle filters and AD BUE systems. Vehicles have an average age <5 years.
  • Our truck fleet (Eurocode 6) has an average age of 6 years.
  • All our employees are trained and aware of eco-driving in order to limit our carbon footprint.
  • NEOVIA rationalize transports by supplying “buffer” stock in dedicated areas. It also avoid the nuisance caused by these stocks.
  • All our products suppliers are ISO 14001

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