CFA BTP Occitanie: Training dedicated to territorial agents

ServiceSolutions / Sprayed asphalt to bitumen emulsion


The mission of the CFA BTP Occitanie is to train future professionals in the construction sector. Supported by companies specializing in targeted areas, the center organizes each year technical training cycles oriented towards public works professions and dedicated to professionals and/or managers of works projects. As part of a partnership combining training & expertise, NEOVIA Solutions provides its skills and know-how through workshops and technical platforms organized and adapted specifically to meet the needs of employees.

As such, a technical day was held on February 28 on the theme of maintenance and repair of road surfaces. This targeted training was intended for local public officials responsible for the maintenance of municipal, departmental and/or community and urban roads. In this context, NEOVIA Solutions presented, among the preventive and curative maintenance solutions, the technique of sprayed asphalt with bitumen emulsion.

A technique which makes it possible to repair surface damage and thus extend the lifespan of the treated roadway and preserve the safety of users.

The program for this day was broken down into 2 parts with a theoretical part on the presentation of the different pathologies, the technical recommendations for maintenance and repair of these damages, the prioritization of actions and a practical part with the presentation of the technique of the sprayed asphalt in situ and demonstration in the field with the production workshop.

The main objectives of these solutions: Ensure the sustainability and protection of road assets through sustainable maintenance techniques which combine technical, economic and ecological performance.

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