The word of the President…


I discovered an English company, Nu-Phalt, which proposes a solution that repairs potholes.

Solution that reuses materials in place, that generates no waste and that emits 90% less CO² than conventional solutions, a sacred answer when we talk about sustainable development and protection of the planet !!

After a strong personal and societal interest, I quickly passed to a professional interest by signing with NEOVIA the exclusive partnership of the Nu-Phalt process on the whole French territory.

I created the company NEOVIA in 2006 to answer the preventive maintenance of the pavements. In 2017, we strengthened our offer by offering remedial maintenance using asphalt mix. The Nu-Phalt thermal road repair completes perfectly our technical proposal. Finally, this solution has the particularity to allow to work winter as summer with the same level of quality and durability.

We have just acquired our first equipment. Our teams have been trained in England at the manufacturer and are operational. We are currently working in the south of Paris to respond to damage that has occurred in recent days.

Eric GONOT, Founding President


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