Aéroports de Paris at the 2015 Paris Climate event – COP21

Climat Paris 2015 - COP21

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the century. Faced with this challenge to our planet’s future, the world is becoming fully aware of the urgent need to implement collective solutions to protect the environment and our children’s well-being.

Every day, Aéroports de Paris invests in a responsible environmental approach, promoting collaboration with its partners and suppliers. The aim is to build a relationship with innovative companies based on mutual trust and sustainability in compliance with environmental regulations.

During COP 21, Aéroports de Paris, an official partner of the conference, is planning to share all of its measures in a booklet produced in collaboration with all of its stakeholders, employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and the regions that are home to its business activities.

As a partner of Aéroports de Paris, Neovia has decided to take part in this project in the belief that companies each have their part to play.

View the leaflet

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