A63 / Road marking removal UHP on “asbestos” pavement

ServiceTECHNOLOGIES / Road marking removal

NEOVIA Technologies has achieved last April, on behalf of ASF – Vinci highways, a construction site road marking removalby hydro-projection Ultra high pressure (2 500 bar). This intervention, located at the level of entry / exit of Ondres toll station (64), on the A63 Highway, had as a characteristic to be carried out on a coated asbestos.

In order to respect the legislation in force, NEOVIA Technologies has mobilized for this procedure:

  • 1 unit of hydro-projection equipped with a system of filtration/overpressure of the cabin,
  • 1 driver / 1 operator with both received training prior to the conduct of projects in environment asbestos (PREV9)

Les déchets récupérés lors de cette intervention ont fait l’objet des traitements selon les normes en vigueur :

  • to ‘liquid’ waste: Filtration 5 and 20 microns of water, subdivision 4, with COFRAC analysis before discharge into the natural environment
  • to ‘solid’ waste: treatment “amiante” EPI, filters and sludge contaminated as a result of filtration in a reprocessing facility adapted to the management of hazardous waste (DD). “

According to the legislation, orders reprocessing of waste (CAP + BSD) have been established for all waste generated.

The road marking removal by hydro-projection is a technique which, on the one hand, preserves the characteristics of the asphalt surface and, on the other hand, knows settle for an “Asbestos” environment, in compliance with the regulations in force currently.

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