Neovia en faveur des enfants

Gol de Letra
Neovia en faveur des enfants

Le Rallye 100% étudiant 4L Trophy

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New year, new team: En route for adventure with Léa and Mathilde!

Thanks to its moral values and involvement with eco-citizenship, NEOVIA is once again proving its commitment to humanitarian projects by taking part in this human adventure. With their support, NEOVIA is strengthening its desire to bring teams together through innovative projects.

Created in 1997, this legendary adventure – which combines action, sharing and solidarity – is a student-only rally across the desert and sand dunes aboard the legendary 4L to discover landscapes and new cultures. The 4L Trophy is a truly strategic race – it is an enriching experience completing an ambitious and formative life project.

Alongside the adventure, students create their project: From founding their association, developing and managing a budget, fund-raising (partners, sponsors), communication, essential issues for visibility (visual identity, communication media, presence on social media, etc.). The 4L Trophy is an excellent educational exercise, providing you with the chance to confront the professional world, develop your skills and enhance your experience.

Finally, the rally represents an exceptional human adventure combining moments of courage, surpassing oneself, meeting local people, solidarity and teamwork, all with a common goal: Crossing the finishing line!

4L Trophy 2013
Keep up with the adventures of team 1136 – 4L Trophy 2013


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