In order to solve the problem of impermeability, NEOVIA MAINTENANCE’s expertise was not enough to fully cover the problematic of road and airport’s lane maintenance. Along with sealing, and in order to complete our proposal, we had to include the adhesion of pavements
This is why in 2012, NEOVIA “La Nouvelle Voie” acquired the Hydro-regeneration activity from the company VIA-PONTIS. However, at that time hydro-regeneration was almost exclusively dedicated to the rubber removal of airport runways. Therefore, the ambition was to promote and develop this innovative technique that combines ecology and performance, to road maintenance.
NEOVIA Technologies immediately positioned itself as a forerunner and specialist for this new technology and rapidly deployed its expertise throughout France. The aim is to offer the possibility to restore skid resistant of wearing courses to the road mangers. This hydro-regeneration technic will remove the excess of bitumen and restore the expected level of safety to pavements.

Areas of use

  • Remove excess bitumen from the surface
  • Restore the macro-texture of the wearing course
  • Prevent the risk of surface coatings tearing off
  • Make durable the wearing course

Business contacts


Hydroblasting & Friction measurements

NT key figures

Turnover HT: 5 M€

Staff: 15 personnes

Productive investments made over inception: 5 M€

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